Dedicated to the publishing of text as well as audio and video, UA éditions is not only for composers but also musicians, teachers and researchers from all backgrounds who want to think more deeply about their practices and share their ideas and concepts. It is open to everyone, even those who haven't participated in any way in UA. A yearly publication will report on the year's worth of reflections and will be sent to those involved. Students, musicians, professors and researchers at UA are of course strongly called upon to participate.

Text, audio and video submissions (eg. recordings of master classes, audio interviews, sound poetry, etc.) can be sent at any time to the UA éditions team ( who will be in touch to discuss possible publication.

Two formats will be available :

- in print (book publication with texts and written transcriptions of audio and video)
- online (where all documents including text, audio and video will be available)

Wanted media:

- Musical analysis texts or musical analysis in video format on the subject of their choice. The format can be a theoretical text, a transcript of master class, a video analysis ...
- Interview of composers to composers. Meeting of a composer (student or professional) with another composer (student or professional). Exchange and questioning session on a common practice. The format can be audio, video or a transcript of this exchange.
- Concert report. Report to the UA community about the different concerts or creations.
- Text or video about the musical political situation or the political and economic situation.
- Sound poetry: creation of works mixing text, music, images ...

The platform will be effective once the documents are collected on the following link: