Université d'altitude

The Université d'Altitude, situated in the village of Saint-Martin-Vésubie in France, offers unique training at an academy for composition. Its multidisciplinary approach unites production (research), conservation (publication) and transmission (higher education).

This centre for learning proposes a curriculum of sound where composition, analysis, notation, conducting, improvisation and the study of instrumental approaches, art history, philosophy and sociology are in synergy.

Université d'Altitude is structured around three axes:

1. Training with internationally renowned teachers in composition, conducting and notation.

2. Instrument-focused research through practical training with high-level performers.

3. Publication of written work and videos made by the students, musicians and teachers within the University on the subjects of their choice available online on the UA website and in print with the UA éditions.

A university is a place where disciplines can be exchanged and reflected on. This is why researchers, philosophers and artists are invited to the UA each year as contributors to the creation and expansion of our field of research.